Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria is safe and fun

Going for the big game is what hunters from all around the world feel really excited about. Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria gains in popularity in the recent years for a number of reasons. With dozens of hunting reserves, the country has a lot to offer to those who like to shoot one of the most dangerous species living in the forest around all Europe. The population of the wild pigs in Bulgaria hit a record level – there are almost 100 thousand of that kind now. So it is not a surprise that both local and foreign riflemen go for the wild boar hunting in Bulgaria in 2018.

Those who come from abroad look for the best value of the service and a reliable agency to book for the matter. Next to the good chance of hitting the boar with a shot, travelers from around the globe prefer the wild boar hunting in Bulgaria because it is more affordable there compared to other countries in Europe. One hunter has to pay 1300 Euro for 4 hunting days and for 5 nights of accommodation – a cost that is significantly lower than in Germany or Spain, for example.

There is a great opportunity to get a gold medal

The fame of Bulgaria as the land where larger species come across during the hunting trip spreads increasingly in the recent years. There are several world records based on CIC points with the name of the country signed to it, including wild boar. Facts like this add another incentive for rifle shooters to embark on expeditions to the Balkans.

It is fun and exciting but is it safe now? In a time of increasing concerns due to the spread of the African swine fever, the Balkan country is still considered a safe zone for now. As a matter of fact, two of the neighboring states – Romania and Turkey, has numbers of recorded cases of the disease which is highly contagious and cause a high risk of mortality among affected animals. But the situation in Bulgaria is under control at this stage. The local authorities make attempts to stop any risk coming from nearby territories, especially Romania. The season is not year-round for local hunters but for foreigners, wild boar hunting in Bulgaria is allowed for a broader period of time.