Which Balkan tours include adventures in Bulgaria and Greece?

If you still haven’t been to the Balkans, then you should think about the possibilities to visit one of the most historical places there and have a great adventure in the beauty of its nature. Which Sofia tour with guide include adventures in Bulgaria and Greece? At Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com you can find a lot of options for booking a Balkan trip. You can choose the region you like and see the offers. There are possibilities for a few days or for two weeks, so depends on your vacation and desire to explore the wonders of the beautiful seas, historical monuments and amazing culture, that will definitely make you want to come back again.

The Balkan tours, which are longer, for example, include southern seas of Europe, like Black sea, the sea of Marmara, The Aegean sea, The Ionian sea and the Adriatic sea and also six countries with all their key places. For those of you that are interested more in the history and the ancient spirit, there is a chance to do it, visiting some of the Thracian sanctuaries, old cave temples and much more. Have a look at Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com and explore the beauty that you haven’t seen before.

For those of you who are interested in the monuments and the story of the communism behind the pages, there are the right Balkan tours prepared exactly for that purpose. To meet the monumental remain of that period, marked so deep the story of those places is a good chance to know what mistakes have happened in the world of the ex communist countries. Have a look at the Balkan tours, still available at audio-guide.bg and decide by yourself.