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Kippax Band Social Club

Mt Pleasant


Leeds LS25 7AT

Kippax Band Social Club

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The Kippax Band Social Club is located at 17 Mount Pleasant, Kippax, Leeds, and its objectives are to afford its members the means of social intercourse, mutual helpfulness, rational recreation and the furtherance of the Kippax Band.


The club consists of two rooms, the first being the members lounge. Attractively decorated the room is for members of the club, and hosts regular events as well as a comfortable and relaxing area to socialise.


The second room is the concert lounge. This large room hosts bookings for several events, such as wedding receptions, engagements, christenings, private parties etc, as well as social events. The room can hold up to 150 people, and is available to book by members and non-members.

Membership to the club is renewed annually (January), and costs :-


£3.00 - Single Member

£4 - Couple Membership

£2.00 - OAP


Membership to the Kippax Band Social Club not only provides the member with a pleasant place to socialise, but also provides added bonuses, such as access to the members lounge and reduced rates for concert room booking. Current room booking fees are :-


£20 - Members

£50 - Non-Members


To book the Band Club function room please telephone the Club Steward on: 0113 2864061

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