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 About Leeds Social Clubs Website


This website has been created to offer Social Clubs in Leeds the opportunity to have a free webpage for their own Club. There are many reasons why clubs don’t

have a website, the cost is definitely one reason with design costing anything from £400 upwards, plus web hosting costs, domain registration fees etc etc. .


Leeds Social Clubs DOES NOT charge for providing a webpage for Leeds Social Clubs, and will create and update the page for you also free of charge.


All you have to do is visit the site and fill out an on line submission form with information about what you want to see on your web page and it will be added

for you.


Your webpage address will be www.leedssocialclubs.org.uk/yourclubname



You can use your free web page to advertise forthcoming events, entertainment listings ,membership application details, or just basically anything you like.


There is a photo gallery for every webpage, so you can upload photo’s to add to your photo gallery. If you want more photo space just ask and it will be arranged. To see a Club webpage which has an additional photo gallery click HERE


If one web page is insufficient for your needs just ask and more can be added. You can for example add a page for enquiries about private bookings of your Club, contents of the form being sent directly to your own e.mail address.


If you just want a web page which remains static but gets the message accross then an example is HERE


This website has been created as a genuine attempt to make Leeds Social Clubs and the excellent work they do for their members known in the wider community, and also for Clubs to keep their own Members up to date with Club Activities.


So please take the time to get involved with the promotion of your Club and have a look at the site to see what it can offer your Club.





This Website is a non commercial information website


E.Mail contact leedssocialclubs@yahoo.co.uk


This website has no direct connection with any individual Social Club, or organisation representing Social Clubs, and does not purport to represent the views of Any individual Social Club. No fees will ever be charged for placing any information on this website except where seperate arrangements are made with commercial advertisers or sponsors.

Any Errors or ommisions made in respect of the content of this site should be notified by e.mail, following receipt of which any errors or ommisions will be immediately corrected.