3 steps for company registration in Bulgaria

In this article, I will explain how you can start a new business in Bulgaria. The focus is the company registration in Bulgaria and the steps to succeed.

All foreign citizens have the right to register their company in Bulgaria and there is no residence permit required to establish a business presence. So, if you are not a Bulgarian that is perfect for you.

Company registration Bulgaria

Three steps for company registration in Bulgaria:

1. Pick up the name of the company. Choose one which will identify you on the market. Be creative and different!

2. Bank account registration – For the company registration in Bulgaria, you will be required to register a special escrow account in some Bulgarian bank for the entity’s equity and legal registration. This is a mandatory step according to the Bulgarian rules and regulations.

3. Business address registration – Your company will need to have a Bulgarian address and if you already started worrying about it – do not. LM Legal Services Ltd. is the firm that will help you with all your needs. They offer registered office address facilities in addition to company formations.

The company is based in Sofia and is ready to help you with the process of registering your new firm. They provide three different packages from which you can choose. There is a startup package for 210 euros, a standard one for 290 euros and a complete one which costs 390 euros. So, go to their website BulgariaCompanyRegistration.com and choose the one which will best meet your needs.

You can contact LM Legal Services Ltd. by phone: 00 359 899 504 699 or 00 33 6 60 66 36 70.