Transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach for groups

If you are a group of people who want to get some rest and enjoy a nice beach holiday, this article is right for you. In the next rows, we will be talking about Sunny Beach – the biggest Bulgarian summer resort at the Black Sea Coast.

If you decided to visit Bulgaria during the summer, there are a lot of resorts where you can go and Sunny Beach is one of them. But for this aim, you will need a transfer from Bourgas airport. You are lucky because there is an option for you which is special for groups. Transfer Bulgaria Group is a company that provides transportation and has more than 16 years of experience in these fields.

Visit their website where you will find a lot of offers for transfers to different destinations. You can go anywhere you want in Bulgaria with the services of the Transfer Bulgaria group. And you have to know that there are a lot of benefits to using a transfer service at all.

First of all, it is the most convenient and secure way of transportation because there is a driver who comes to the airport and takes you. You will find him by seeing a board with your name on it and then he will help you with the luggage and will take you with the car. Another benefit of using a transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach for groups is that there is no need to split the group. If you call a taxi, you will probably need to take a few cars but this way with the transfer you choose the vehicle you want. So, you can take a minibus or even a bus for your transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach. Check out the options for transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach by Transfer Bulgaria Group.

Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach transfers

Of course, the price when choosing a bigger vehicle is also higher but when you split the bill it will cost you almost nothing. If you agree with me, do not waste more time but go to and choose your appropriate vehicle. Then, make a reservation by filling a reservation form. They will need the number of people you are traveling, the destination you are going to, your flight arrival number, and the date of arrival. This is because the driver is tracking the flight so to know if there is a delay or it is on time, to be at the airport at the exact time of your arrival.

If that sounds good to you, you are all set. They will send you a voucher at your email and your transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach is arranged. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the company at +359 878-858-974 +44 20 8123 1485. Feel free to call them any time because the customer service center works 24/7. Get in touch with them via e-mail, Viber, or Whatsapp, as well.